Dr. Asaf Pirali lost his father when he was just seventeen years of age and struggled in life tremendously being at the bottom of the class. Hardship inspired him to be ambitious and in an attempt to change his fortunes, he searched to find the true and living God and learned to pray.
Today, he holds a B.Sc. and an M.SC. in Business. He is both a Chartered Management Accountant and Chartered Accountant and holds two Post Graduate Diplomas. He was awarded a Doctorate for his innovative contribution to education. He is the Founder of two business schools offering Degrees, MBAs and Doctoral qualifications.
He speaks internationally and is a daily radio speaker on the theme God is a Miracle Working God and a television speaker on the topic Divine Intervention.He is a very successful entrepreneur and has lived a life of miracles being completely debt free for over thirty years.

How can we pray for you?

God wants to meet your needs and reveal His promises to you. So whatever you’re concerned about and need prayer for—we are here for you!

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